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 » 1930s Vulcain Val-GHT Rare 37mm Stainless Steel Big Cushion Case Chronograph with a Sector Dial

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1930s Vulcain Val-GHT Rare 37mm Stainless Steel Big Cushion Case Chronograph with a Sector Dial

PRICE : ¥2,200,000(税別)


A Vulcain Val-GHT from the 1930s, a very rare 37mm stainless steel big cushioned chronograph with a silver sector dial. The 37mm big cushioned case is one of the rarest of the cushion chronographs. The dial has a wonderful sector design unique to this era, and the sector dial without numbers, known as “Tokyo”, is the best of all dial designs, both in terms of design and rarity. The rare one-push caliber GHT, which was the basis for the famous Cal.22 made by Valjoux, a company that supplied machines to many brands such as Rolex, and Vulcan also produced masterpieces such as the Cricket, and from the 1930s to the 1940s, high quality watches were produced by the company. The chronograph is also manufactured. The sector dial, with its crisp, textured prints and two-tone colors, combined with the big, thick, and voluminous cushioned case, gives the watch an overwhelming presence and a wonderful vintage feel.

Product no. B-9382
Manufacturer VULCAIN
Model name Chronograph
Year of Manufacture 1930s
Reference no. ---
Serial no. 3,***
Caliber Val-GHT
Movement no. ---
Movement type Manual winding
Material Staybrite
Case size 37×37mm
Case type Snap back, non-waterproof
Dial Original
Type of Indices Printed
Belt Non-original (Fix,between lugs 20mm)
Evaluation Case  92%
Dial 92%
Mov 93%
Condition 4.5/5.0
Rarity 5.0/5.0
Other details Case: shows some minor scratches and ageing, but retains the heavy shaping that only a cushioned case can provide.

Dial: some ageing and minor scratches are evident, but the print and two-tone colors are clearly visible.

Movement: winding and chronofunctions are good and the accuracy is around 60 seconds per day.