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 » 1940s Thuya Venus-170 SS WP Chrono Black 35mm

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1940s Thuya Venus-170 SS WP Chrono Black 35mm

PRICE : ¥897,600 (including tax)

SALE PRICE : ¥897,600 (including tax)


1940s “THUYA” Venus 170 stainless steel rare 35mm early waterproof chronograph with popular black gilt dial. The case is water-resistant to big pushers and snapbacks. Most of the earliest water-resistant cases with the Venus 170 are 33mm models, and the 35mm vertical step design is very rare. The dial is a multi-scale design unique to this era, with a base plate, and the black gilt dial, which has a nice aged look to it, adds to the wonderful taste. This watch is equipped with the Calibre 170 vertical movement with 2 eyes made by Venus, a company that supplied machines to many brands such as Breitling and Heuer, and it is a hidden gem with excellent design and quality despite its obscurity.

Product no. B-9160
Manufacturer Thuya
Model name Chronograph
Year of Manufacture 1940s
Reference no. ---
Serial no. ***
Caliber Venus-170
Movement no. ---
Movement type Manual winding
Material Stainless steel
Case size 35mm
Case type Snap back water proof
Dial Original
Type of Indices Print
Belt Non-original, fixed (lug width: 18mm)
Evaluation Case  92%
Dial 91%
Mov 93%
Condition 4.5/5.0
Rarity 4.5/5.0
Other details Case: minor scratches and ageing, but retains the original volume and shape of the case.

The dial: slight ageing, but still retains its original print and luster.

Movement: no problems with winding or chronofunctions. Accuracy is around 40 seconds per day.