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 » 1940s Anonymous Val-84 “Mono-Rattra” 38mm Ermetico-Case Rare Two-tone design

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1940s Anonymous Val-84 “Mono-Rattra” 38mm Ermetico-Case Rare Two-tone design

PRICE : ¥1,540,000 (including tax)


Anonymous, Valjoux 84, Mono Rattra, ø 38 mm dial, ermetico case, two tone silver dial, circa 1940s.

Encased by an early type water-resistant case, “Ermetico”, with stepped bezel, big pushers and a snap-back specification. The dial in a multi-scale with the telemeter (blue) and a snail tachymeter (blue), and the snail tachymeter is in a rare two-tone silver dial. It is equipped with Cal.84, which is based on the famous Valjoux 22 and added the mono-rattrapante function.


Product no. B-10057
Manufacturer Anonymous
Model name Mono-Rattrapante Chronograph
Year of Manufacture 1940s
Reference no. 5347
Serial no. 2,***
Caliber Val-84
Movement no. ---
Movement type 手巻
Material ステンレススチール
Case size 38mm
Case type スナップバック 防水
Dial オリジナル
Type of Indices プリント
Belt ノンオリジナル (ベルト幅:20mm) / GF Type-2
Evaluation Case  93%
Dial 92%
Mov 93%
Condition 4.5/5.0
Rarity 4.5/5.0
Other details ケース:小キズや経年変化はございますが、ケース本来のシェープとボリュームを残した良い保存状態です。