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 » 1940s Lemania 15TL Water-Resistant 38mm Stainless Steel Chronograph

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1940s Lemania 15TL Water-Resistant 38mm Stainless Steel Chronograph


A 38mm waterproof Lemania chronograph in a stainless steel case with a step-design bezel made in the 1940s. Equipped with the famous Caliber 15TL, together with a very rare multi-colored glossy dial.

The case is water-resistant and screw-back, which is very rare for Caliber 15TL watches of this era. The watertight screw-back case with a massive, step-design is the same design as that of the Omega and Tissot of the same era. The dial is also very rare for Lemania with its multi-colored, green tachymeter and gold telemetered multi-scale design, reminiscent of the Omega and Tissot models. The glossy dial, which retains its original radium luminescence, has a beautiful iridescent sheen on the front, combined with the intricate and complex design of the dial, gives a great character to the dial. The movement, dial, and case design of the Lemania chronograph have been reviewed for their high quality in common with the Omega and Tissot of the same era, and the Lemania chronographs have been attracting particular attention in the recent years.

Product no. A-5836
Model name Chronograph
Year of Manufacture 1940s
Reference no. ---
Serial no. 49.***
Caliber 15TL
Movement no. 13.***
Manufacturing no. Manual winding
Material Stainless steel
Case size 38mm
Case type Screw-back (waterproof)
Dial Original
Type of Indices Luminous
Belt Non-original (Lug width: 20mm)
Evaluation Case  93%
Dial 93%
Mov 93%
Condition 4.5/5.0
Rarity 5.0/5.0
Other details ケース:小キズや経年変化はございますが、オリジナルのシェープとボリュームを残した良い保存状態です。