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Warranty · Maintenance




100,000 yen or more cost of an item (1-year warranty)
Less than 100,000 yen cost of an item (6-months warranty)

We offer a full-service warranty to ensure that you can enjoy your purchase with an ease of mind and enjoy your products for many years to come. Products purchased from us (excluding consignment items) will be repaired free of charge in the event of natural damages from wearing, with a one-year warranty on items over $100,000 and a six-month warranty on items under $100,000.
(Even if the warranty period has expired, we will do our best to maintain and overhaul the product for a fee.)


**Overhauling is the process of disassembly and cleaning of a watch.
This is the process of disassembling a watch part one by one, examining each part for wear and aging, and reassembling the watch to its original condition.
Regular maintenance is an essential part of daily use of a mechanical watch. The presence or absence of oil at the points of friction between the parts can make a big difference to the condition of a machine in use.
During normal use, the oil deteriorates and oxidizes after about three to five years, and some machines that have rusted in the past have poor oil retention and may not last a year.
In addition, the humidity unique to Asia can cause deterioration of parts and components depending on storage conditions. For these reasons, periodic checks are necessary.